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GWRS Oil free Vacuum Pump Unit

1. Construction
    GWRS series oil free vacuum system combines Roots pump and Geowell‘s oil free scroll vacuum pump into a space efficient unit with advantage of high pumping capacity and continues operation.
2. Features
    Root pumping supply high pumping capacity.
    Scroll pump enables oil free vacuum pumping.

3. Applications
Applications GWRS30/600 GWRS70/1000
 Coating * *
 Vacuum Furnace * *
 Glove Box * *
 Vacuum Exhaust Station * *
 Space simulation * *

4. Technical Specifications
Model GWRS30/300 GWRS30/600 GWRS70/1000
  Roots Pump Model ZJP-30 ZJP-30 ZJP-70F
  Scroll pump Model GWSP300 GWSP600 GWSP1000
 Ultimate Pressure Pa ≦0.3 ≦0.1 ≦0.1
Torr ≦7.5×10-4 ≦7.5×10-4 ≦7.5×10-4
mbar ≦1.0×10-3 ≦1.0×10-3 ≦1.0×10-3
psi ≦1.4×10-5 ≦1.4×10-5 ≦1.4×10-5
 Displacement l/s 30 30 70
l/min 1.8×103 1.8×103 4.2×103
m3/h 1.1×102 1.1×102 2.5×102
cfm 6.4×10 6.4×10 1.5×102
  Max. Inlet/Exhaust Pressure MPa 0.1 /0.13
 Ambient Operation Temp. ℃/℉ 5~40/41~104
 Noise dB(A) ≦73 ≦73 ≦73
 Scroll Pump Power kW 0.55 0.75 1.50
 Roots Pump Power kW 0.55 0.55 1.10
 Total Power kW 1.10 1.40 2.60
 Inlet Direction Vertical
 Inlet/Exhaust Flange 80/ KF16 80/ KF16 80/ KF16×2
 Dimension mm 870×800×950 870×800×950 1100×1000×1100
 Weight kg 180 180 250
 Cooling type         Air cooled

5. Q&A
   Q: How long can I get the feedback after we sent the inquiry?
  A: We will reply you within 12 hours in working day.
  Q: Are you direct manufacturer?
  A: Yes, we are direct manufacturer with factory and international department; we manufacture and sell all our products by ourselves.
  Q: When can you delivery the product to us?
  A: Since we are a factory with large warehouse, we have abundant products in store, so we can delivery within 2 days after get your deposit.
  Q: Can I add logo to the products?
  A: Of course, but we usually have quantity requirement. You can contact with us for details.
  Q: How to guarantee the quality and after sales service of your products?
  A: We conduct strict detection during production from raw material come in to product delivering shipment. Every product must go through 4 steps inspection from casting, machining, assembling, and performance testing within our factory before shipment, also intact packaging test are insured.
  Q: What is your warranty term?
  A: There is a 12 months warranty for our export products from the date of shipment. If warranty has run out, our customer should pay for the replacement part.
  Q: Is the sample available?
  A: Yes, usually we send our samples by Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF, Depon, it will take around 3 to 4 days for our customer receive them, but customer will charge all cost related to the samples, such as sample cost and air freight. We will refund our customer the sample cost after receiving the order.

6. Accessories
Foreline filter             Exhaust silencer

GWMMK major maintenance kit    GWTSK tip seal kit       OEM tipseals       
7. Factory Interior
Dry scroll vacuum pump package for shipment
8. Package & Delivery 
Safe and reliable package
Convenient and quick domestic and international transportation
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